Hello! I will be taking an hiatus, not sure for how long but I just need to get away from here for a little bit! I will probably be back for Harry’s Invictus Games and then leave again!

I haven’t been on here as much lately and just want to take an official break. Every time I come on there is drama and fighting and I just log off again and I just don’t want to be apart of that and have decided the best way is to take a break.

I also have not been motivated to write at all and I don’t want to be having to force out chapters that I am not happy with. 

Feel free to still message me and I will try and check them when I can. 

-Holly x

Anonymous asked:
My favorite tiara is the grand duchess Vladimir. And the Spencer tiara is another one of my favs as well. Which royal lady is your favorite? -SA

That is such a pretty one as well! I would have to say it is a tie between Mary and Madeleine! what about you?!

Anonymous asked:
Haha well we share a favorite royal! Ok what's your favorite Tiara? -SA

YAY!! Sorry SA I was working night shifts and just saw this now! My favourite Tiara would have to be the Spencer Tiara, I just love it for some reason! What about yours!??

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I will be you SA this month! Ok so Do you have a favorite royal? -SA :)

Hello!!! Yes I do! It it’s Prince Harry!! What about you?!

Anonymous asked:
Hey, hope your week is going well!! Almost time for me to reveal myself :D :D Any guesses?? Have a great day! x -SA

Its going alright! I have the weekend off and looking forward to it! 

I have no idea who you are!

Anonymous asked:
That's okay, I totally understand!! Glad to hear your week's going well :D I can imagine it was a LOT of work to get there, but yay for making it :D Not new plans here really, only busy with work too lol :D So do you have any favourite movies or tv series to watch ? Have a great day! x -SA

What do you do for work?

I love the criminal investigation types of shows! what about you?!

Anonymous asked:
Hey!! How have you been? Hope your week was great!! x -SA

Hi! My week has been pretty good! went to a few festivals after work and things! how about yours? how are you doing? any plans?

Anonymous asked:
I love the swedes and danes too! I also love the Belgians, think they are so adorable :) My weekend was good, thankies!! Just relaxing a bit :D Hope yours was, too!! And congrats on becoming a RN - that's just amazing!! - SA

awe thank you so much! it took a lot of work getting that title behind my name but oh so worth it! Sorry I havent replied, been working like crazy and we are short staffed because of it being summer and all!